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City Council Regular
Meeting Date: 12/03/2019  
Subject:    Adopt Resolution 19-131 Approving the Registered Land Survey, 11225 Xeon Street, JSN Properties
From: Scott Harlicker, Planner

The applicant is requesting approval of Resolution 19-131 approving a registered land survey to subdivide two parcels totaling 11.69 acres into three lots.

On April 18, 2019 JSN Properties was granted site plan approval to construct an 85,000 square foot office warehouse building and associated parking/loading area on 11201 Xeon Street (Tract C, RLS #179). Included in the development was a driveway from Xeon Street. Xeon Street is located on Tract D, RLS #179, which is owned by the City. For the driveway to access Xeon Street, the lot line between Tract D and Tract C had to be adjusted. This was a condition of site plan approval.

Also included as part of the above referenced site plan approval, an existing drainage ditch was relocated to the north from Tract C to Tract A. To accommodate the relocation, the owner of Tract A granted a drainage and utility easement over the south 154 feet of Tract A.

In September of this year the Planning Commission approved two subdivision exceptions (i.e. lot line adjustment) involving the three parcels. One included deeding to the applicant the south 154 feet of Tract A. The other included the City and JSN Properties adjusting the common lot line between Tract D and the applicant's property to accommodate the driveway. When the applicant approached Anoka County about recording the approval documents, the County rejected them because of the parcels legal descriptions. The applicant was told that a registered land survey would be required instead.  

The applicant is proposing to subdivide Tract A, RLS #179 into two lots. The south 154 feet will be Tract C and will be deeded to the the applicant, JSN Properties. The remainder of Tract A RLS #179 will remain under ownership of the current owner, Steinwall Properties. The second component of the registered land survey involves subdividing Tract D, RLS #179 (Xeon Street) so that the south end, the area of driveway, is combined with the proposed new Tract C. The remainder of the original Tract D will remain under ownership of the City. The area combined with the proposed Tract C will also be deeded to the applicant.

Because of the drainage ditch that flows across proposed Tract C, the City Engineer is requiring a drainage and utility easement across all of Tract C. The easement will be in favor to the City.

Planning Commission Meeting

At the Planning Commission held on November 21st, no one spoke at the public hearing. The Commission voted 6:0 to recommend approval of the proposed registered land survey.
In Planning Case 19-23, the Planning Commission recommended Council approve Resolution 19-131 approving the proposed registered land survey with the following conditions:
  1. A drainage and utility easement be granted in favor of the City across all of proposed Tract C.
  2. Tract C be deeded to the applicant, JSN Properties.
  3. Tract A be deeded to the City and Tract B be deeded to Steinwall Properties.

Location Map
Proposed RLS
Existing Boundary Survey
Resolution 19-131

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