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City Council Regular
Meeting Date: 12/03/2019  
Subject:    PC 19-22, Consider Preliminary Plat, 8840-8880 Evergreen Boulevard, SCF - Coon Rapids
From: Scott Harlicker, Planner

The applicant is requesting preliminary plat approval to subdivide 22.92 acres into two industrial lots. The proposed plat will create a lot for the existing building and a smaller lot for future development.
The existing lot is 22.92 acres and includes a 262,146 square foot building. The original building was constructed in 1985 with several additions in the 1990s to bring it to it's current configuration. The site includes 1,022 parking stalls. The applicant is proposing to plat two lots. Lot 1 is 19.67 acres and includes most of the parking and the existing building. Lot 2 is 3.25 acres and is currently wooded with a small wetland. Both of the lots comply with the dimensional requirements of the Industrial District. Lot 1 complies with the lot coverage requirement; lot coverage for Lot 2 will be assessed at the time of development.

The parking requirement for the existing building is 637 spaces. The parking requirement for the new building will be determined at the time of development. There is sufficient parking to accommodate both sites. A cross access and parking agreement will be required prior to development of Lot 2.

There is a wetland on Lot 2. The impact of development will be determined at the time Lot 2 is developed.

Park Dedication

Park dedication for the existing parcel was collected in 1985 when the existing building was constructed. No park dedication is rerquired as part of this plat.

Planning Commission Meeting

At the Planning Commission meeting held on  November 21st, no one spoke at the public hearing. The Commission asked about stormwater management and the wetland on Lot 2. Staff explained that development issues such as those will be addressed during the site plan review process when Lot 2 is developed. The Commission voted 6:0 to recommend approval of the proposed preliminary plat.
In Planning Case 19-22, the Commission recommended Council approve the preliminary plat with the following conditions:
  1. All engineering comments be addressed.
  2. A cross access/parking agreement be provided prior to construction on Lot 2.

Location Map
Preliminary Plat
Concept Site Plan

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