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Mortgage Assistance Foundation
Meeting Date: 12/05/2019  
Subject:    Clarification of Funding for 2020 Front Door Grant Program
From: Kristin DeGrande

The Board approved at their October 2019 meeting to fund the Front Door Grant Program for another year with $202,000 for up to 80 grants.  Staff is seeking a clarification on this motion.
At the October Board meeting, it was discussed that $140,000 of new funding would be added to any remaining unspent funds from the 2019 program which, at the time, came to a total of $202,000.  Since October, additional projects have been completed and their final project value, and thus grant amount, have gone down.  This has resulted in a larger pool of unspent funds in the 2019 program.  Is it the preference of the Board to have a total program budget of $202,000 for the Front Door Grant Program in 2020, or $140,000 plus all remaining funds from the 2019 program?  Additionally, should the new funding be taken from the 82000 fund or the 19000 fund?
Staff is requesting a clarification about the funding level and origination of funds for the Front Door Grant Program in 2020.

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