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City Council Regular
Meeting Date: 04/16/2019  
Subject:    Consider Contract Award for 2019 Street Maintenance Program, Project 19-5
Submitted For: Tim Himmer From: Sarah Greene, Administrative Assistant II

On March 15, 2019, bids were received for various materials and services to be provided under the Regional Street Maintenance Joint Powers Agreement. Items included in this bid package are sealcoating, pavement markings, crack sealing and fog sealing. Cities participating in the 2019 program include Andover, Anoka, Arden Hills, Brooklyn Center, Circle Pines, Columbia Heights, Coon Rapids, East Bethel, Fridley, Ham Lake, Mahtomedi, Mounds View, and St. Francis. Council is requested to award contracts for these services.
On February 19, 2019, Council approved plans and specifications and ordered advertisement for bids. In accordance with Council direction, bids were received for various street maintenance materials and services on March 15, 2019. Three bids were received for sealcoating, two bids for pavement markings, three bids for crack sealing, and three bids for fog sealing. A summary of bids and a bid tabulation showing unit prices is attached. Following is a summary for each item of the program:
Sealcoating was bid on a volume basis for oil and on an area basis for rock. The base bid includes regular asphalt emulsion sealcoat oil and trap rock aggregate. An alternate bid was requested from contractors to provide granite aggregate, as some member cities prefer granite on their projects. The low bid was received from Allied Blacktop Company. Allied has provided services for the City for many years. Bids received are as follows:
Contractor Base Bid Alternate
Allied Blacktop Company $1,596,594.26 $1,590,961.48
Pearson Bros. Inc. $1,783,808.01
Asphalt Surface Technologies $2,011,406.68 $1,983,242.78

In 2018, Coon Rapids began fog sealing cul-de-sac bulbs on its local street system. The fog sealing process replaced the traditional polymer additive sealcoat oil and cover aggregate applications. Cul-de-sac bulbs are high traffic areas, where cover aggregate tends to shove and scuff on hot summer days. Staff experienced good results and fewer resident complaints using this process, and plans to continue it this season. 
Pavement Markings

Pavement markings were bid by the gallon for street markings and street symbols. The low bid for pavement markings was submitted by AAA Striping Service, Co. AAA has completed pavement markings contracts in the past for the City. Bids received are as follows:
Contractor Bid
AAA Striping Service, Co. $267,706.88
Sir Lines-A-Lot Inc. $277,967.00

Crack Sealing
Crack sealing was bid on a lineal foot basis. The low bid for crack sealing was submitted by Allied Blacktop Company. Allied has successfully performed similar work in the City. Bids received are as follows:
Contractor Bid
Allied Blacktop Company $293,971.97
Fahrner Asphalt Sealers $375,104.06
Asphalt Surface Technologies Corporation $599,028.38

Fog Sealing
Fog sealing was bid by the gallon for streets and trails. The low bid for fog sealing was submitted by Allied Blacktop Company. This year, Coon Rapids will fog seal over cul-de-sac bulbs in the seal coat contract; a process expected to extend the life of the surface and reduce future maintenance. Bids received are as follows:
Contractor Bid
Allied Blacktop Company $298,483.70
Pearson Bros. Inc. $410,559.25
Asphalt Surface Technologies Corporation $423,603.00

The Joint Powers Agreement stipulates that each city provide written concurrence for the award of bids 30 days after notice of receipt of the bids, combined with a 30-day review period. As outlined in the JPA, we have received concurrence from all participating cities. All member cities have agreed to move forward with the above recommendations. Sealcoating and crack sealing will begin as soon as feasible and be completed by September. Pavement marking services may continue later in the year as weather permits.

It is recommended the City Council approve the following resolutions:

a. Adopt Resolution No. 19-5(9A) awarding a contract to Allied Blacktop Company for bituminous sealcoating in the base bid amount of $1,596,594.26 and alternate amount of $1,590,961.48.

b. Adopt Resolution No. 19-5(9B) awarding a contract to AAA Striping Service for pavement markings in the amount of $267,706.88.

c. Adopt Resolution No. 19-5(9C) awarding a contract to Allied Blacktop Company for crack sealing in the amount of $293,971.97.

d. Adopt Resolution No. 19-5(9D) awarding a contract to Allied Blacktop Company for fog sealing in the amount of $298,483.70.

Summary of Bids
Resolution No. 19-5(9A)
Resolution No. 19-5(9B)
Resolution No. 19-5(9C)
Resolution No. 19-5(9D)

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