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City Council Regular
Meeting Date: 04/02/2019  
Subject:    Consider Resolution 19-41 Storm Water Drainage Rate Increase
From: Francine Hanson, Finance Director

Staff recommends an increase to storm water drainage rates.
A ten percent increase in storm water drainage rates was approved and implemented in 2018. At that time, based on projections of the next few years, staff informed Council that rate increases in future years will likely be needed to keep the Storm Water Drainage Fund in a positive operating position.  In the 2019 approved budget, rates were budgeted to increase by an additional ten percent.

 As you know, the City is required to participate in the comprehensive local surface water management plan to meet requirements detailed in MN Statues103B.  This plan was recently completed and presented to Council on February 5, 2019.  Additional expenditures will occur as the City addresses several key areas with respect to water use within the City that are outlined in the plan.  

Proposed ten percent rate increases are as follows: 

Residential rates per quarter   Current     Proposed
     Single Family   $ 11.45    per unit   $ 12.60    per unit
     Medium Density     8.35    per unit     9.20    per unit
     High Density     4.40    per unit     4.85    per unit
Non-residential rates per quarter                    
     Commercial/Industrial   $ 72.60    per acre   $ 79.90    per acre
     Park and Open Space     7.15    per acre     7.85    per acre
     Elementary & Middle Schools     21.25    per acre     23.40    per acre
     High Schools/Junior Colleges     39.05    per acre     42.95    per acre
     Churches     44.45    per acre     48.90    per acre
     Other Public & Semi-public property     72.60    per acre     79.90    per acre
     Hospitals     65.85    per acre     72.45    per acre

This increase, if adopted at this meeting, will become effective starting with the District 3 billing sent out on May 1, 2019
Adopt Resolution 19-41 Establishing Storm Water Rates.

Resolution 19-41 Establishing Storm Water Drainage Rates

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