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City Council Regular
Meeting Date: 04/16/2019  
Subject:    Consider Joint Powers Agreement with Anoka County for Coon Rapids Boulevard Reconstruction, Project 18-13
Submitted For: Mark Hansen From: Sarah Greene, Administrative Assistant II

Council is asked to approve a Joint Powers Agreement (JPA) with Anoka County for:
  • The reconstruction of  traffic control systems at County State Aid Highway (CSAH) 1 (Coon Rapids Boulevard) and Avocet Street NW and Egret Boulevard NW, and
  • CSAH 1 pavement reconditioning between Egret Boulevard NW and the junction of East River Road and Coon Rapids Boulevard
In conjunction with the City's proposed Port Riverwalk housing redevelopment project, the City and Anoka County have planned improvements to Coon Rapids Boulevard from Egret Blvd to the junction of East River Road and Coon Rapids Boulevard. Kimley Horn & Associates has prepared plans and specifications necessary to complete the work. The City will be responsible to perform project management and administration, and construction inspection.

In addition to roadway and traffic signal improvements, this project will also include decorative street lighting and landscaping. The median of Coon Rapids Boulevard between Avocet Street and Egret Boulevard is also planned to receive some landscaping features, and staff continues to coordinate the final design elements in this area with Anoka County.     

The attached JPA details terms of cost sharing, right of way, construction activities, project oversight, and current and future maintenance of the infrastructure and traffic signal Emergency Vehicle Preemption systems.
Staff recommends Council approve the execution of a Joint Powers Agreement (JPA) with Anoka County for improvements to Coon Rapids Boulevard (CSAH 1).

The total estimated cost of the project is $4,895,469.80.

Anoka County will be responsible for $2,861,094.99 of the total estimated cost. Of this amount, Anoka County will reimburse the City a total of $209,710.74 for its share of the construction engineering costs.

The total estimated cost to the City is $2,034,374.81. The City will be financially responsible for a portion of the roadway, traffic signal, and storm sewer improvements, as well as the full cost of the street lighting and landscaping features. The City's share of the costs for this project will be covered by pooled tax increment from several older tax increment districts. These costs are TIF-eligible, and the funds have limited other uses. This source of funding is also intended to be used for construction of public infrastructure associated with the Centra Homes Port Riverwalk project. Sufficient funds exist to cover both projects, and these expenditures will not affect the City's general fund. Anoka County plans to use State Aid funds to cover its share of the project costs.

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