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Planning Commission Regular
Meeting Date: 04/18/2019  
Subject:    PC 19-9, Site Plan Office Warehouse, 11201 Xeon St., JSN Properties
From: Scott Harlicker, Planner

JSN Properties, the applicant, is requesting site plan approval to construct an 85,500 square foot office/warehouse. The site is located at the end of Xeon Street between Highway 10 and the BNSF railroad tracks.
Conduct a public hearing
Decision by Planning Commission
Appeal to City Council Available
The applicant submitted this application on: March 11

The application was deemed complete on: March 26  

To comply with the requirements of Minnesota Statute §15.99, the City must approve or deny the application by: May 25
The site is located at 11201 Xeon Street
  Existing Use Comprehensive Plan Zoning
Undeveloped Industrial Industrial
North Warehouse Industrial Industrial
South Vacant Industrial Industrial
East BNSF RR tracks ROW Industrial
West Highway 10 ROW Industrial

The property is 9.25 acres and is located at the end of Xeon Street, between the BNSF railroad tracks and Highway 10. The site is vacant and has never been developed. There is a large wetland on the south edge of the property and a small stream runs diagonally across the north portion of the site. Along the east property line there are utility easements and a railroad spur that accesses the warehouse to the north.

The building is one story, 85,479 square feet and is located in the center of the site. The southwest corner that faces Highway 10 is cut diagonally and provides a focal feature for the building. The south side, also visible from Highway 10, includes tenant entrances and parking. The 12 warehouse loading doors are located on the north side of the building, away from Highway 10. The site is accessed from Xeon Street. The dumpster enclosure is located on the north side of the building. It will have to be constructed of similar material as the building and include gates.   

The applicant is proposing to relocate the stream to the north. This will allow the north part of the site to paved  and provide access to the loading doors. A 45 foot wide drainage and utility easement is proposed over the area. 

Site Plan Criteria
Required Finding - Chapter 11-325 - General Requirements for All Site Plans Staff Analysis and Comments
(1) Be compatible with surrounding land uses OK - The proposed site plan is compatible with the adjacent land uses. The adjacent land uses are industrial.
(2) Preserve existing natural features whenever possible OK- The existing vegetation is being preserved where possible.
(3) Achieve a safe and efficient circulation system OK – The drive aisles are of sufficient width to allow for safe and efficient traffic circulation. Access to the site is from Xeon Street. Except for a portion of the access drive from Xeon Street, truck traffic is separated from other vehicular traffic.  
(4) Not place excessive traffic loads on local streets OK – The proposed expansion will not place excessive loads on the local streets.
(5) Conform to the City’s plans for parks, streets, service drives, and walkways N/A  
(6) Conform to the City’s Goals and Policies OK – The project does not require any variance or flexibility (i.e. use or design).
(7) Achieve a maximum of safety, convenience, and amenities OK – An internal sidewalk system connects the building entrances with the parking lot. Lighting is provided for the parking lot and driveway. The lights will have shields and cut offs so that the light is directed away from adjacent properties. The lighting plan will have to comply with city ordinance.
(8) Show sufficient landscaping OK – See discussion below
(9) Not create detrimental disturbances to surrounding properties OK – The project will not create disturbances which will be detrimental to the surrounding properties.
(10) Meet Title 11 OK - No variances are required.
(11) Show efforts to conserve energy whenever practical OK
Access and Parking

The main drive into the site is 30 feet wide which will allow sufficient width for trucks and cars to pass. The building requires 86 parking spaces; the site plan includes 116 parking stalls. All of the paved areas include concrete curb and gutter.

The proposed driveway from Xeon Street is partially located on unused city property. The property in question is Tract D, RLS 179. Xeon Street is located on this tract. The portion of Tract D affected by this proposed driveway is unused. The applicant is in discussion with the city regarding acquisition of the portion of Tract D affected by the driveway. For the driveway to remain in its proposed location, the applicant will have to aquire the unused portion of Tract D.

Grading, Drainage and Utilities

Grading, drainage and utilities are addressed in the City Engineer's memo.


Overstory Trees
The landscape standards require 21 trees: the plan includes 21.  The proposed overstory trees include oaks, lindens, maples and hackberry; they are located around the site including on the parking lot peninsulas and around the stormwater basins and along the driveway.

Evergreen Trees
The landscape standards require 15 trees; the plan includes 16. The proposed evergreen trees include black hills spruce and norway spruce; they are located at the east end of the building and along the drive in areas to provide screening.

Ornamental Trees
The landscape standards require 30 trees; the plan includes 30. The proposed ornamental trees include river birch, service berry, japanese tree lilac and crabapple; they are located mostly around the stormwater basins.

The landscape standards require 439 shrubs, the plan includes 439. The shrubs are located around the building, the stormwater basins, and in the islands of the parking lot and drive aisle. The plan includes a variety of shrubs from low to medium height.


A ground sign is proposed in the northwest corner of the site. The proposed location complies with the setback requirements. The sign will require a separate sign permit. Wall signs are also proposed for the building. All wall signage must comply with the sign code and require separate permits.

Building Elevations
Required Findings - 11-800 Industrial District Requirements Staff Comment
Building Character – Complimentary relationship to surrounding land uses. OK – The project is complimentary to the nearby industrial buildings.
Building Massing - variation, staggering, columns, short/uneven facades OK – The proposed changes in material and color and the recessed windows and canopies over the doors provide a visual break in the building's mass.
Building Facades - articulation, awnings, window treatments, entries facing the street OK –  The windows will be recessed and canopies will be over the tenant entrances. The southwest corner, facing Highway 10, is diagonal and provides a main entrance to the building.
Roof Shapes – variety through use of pitched, gable, or hip roofs or detailed parapets and cornices OK – Variations in the parapet provide variety to the roofline.
Focal Element - elevation, towers, emphasis, canopies, entrance, etc. OK – The chamfered southwest corner provides a focal element to the building. each of the tenant entrances include metal canopies.
Building Materials - high quality, allowed types, accents. OK– The building is constructed of smooth faced pre-cast panels colored with concrete stain. The building's colors include white, a dark gray and medium gray.
Landscaping Compliance – Standards, irrigation, parking lot islands, ground cover, screening. See landscaping discussion above..

In Planning Case 19-9, the Commission move to approved the proposed site plan with the following conditions:
  1. Compliance with Title 11.
  2. All engineering comments be addressed.
  3. All MNDOT comments be addressed.
  4. Park dedication fee in the amount of $31,200 be paid prior to releasing the building permit.
  5. The trash enclosure be constructed of masonry material compatible with the building and include a durable gate.
  6. A site security agreement be entered into with the city.
  7. The ground sign and wall signs must comply with the sign code and require separate sign permits.

Location Map
Development Plans
Exterior Elevations
Building Perspective Views
Applicant's Narrative
Engineering Comments

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