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City Council Regular
Meeting Date: 04/16/2019  
Subject:    PC 19-6, Consider Adoption of Ordinance 2220 to Change the Zoning from PUD/PORT/RRO to PORT/RRO, 100th Ave & Bluebird Street, City of Coon Rapids
From: Scott Harlicker, Planner

The City is requesting approval of Ordinance 2220 to change the zoning of certain property from Planned Unit Development (PUD)/ PORT/River Rapids Overlay to PORT/River Rapids Overlay by removing the (PUD) designation. The property is being redeveloped with detached single family homes.

In 1980, the City approved this PUD to allow the construction of an addition to an existing shopping center. The construction of Bluebird and Crane Streets and 100th Avenue created a situation where the existing center and parking became non-conforming and upgrading the existing shopping center impossible. Now that the center has been demolished and the site is part of the larger PORT Riverwalk redevelopment project, the PUD designation should be eliminated. The proposed zone change would accomplish this while keeping the PORT and River Rapids Overlay District zoning in place.

The site is about 50,000 square feet.

Planning Commission Meeting
At the Planning Commission meeting held on March 21st, no one spoke at the public hearing. The Commission voted unanimously to recommend approval of the proposed zone change.

City Council Meeting
At the Council meeting held on April 2nd, the Council introduced the proposed ordinance amendment.
In Planning Case 19-6, the City Council approve Ordinance 2220 approving the proposed zone change to eliminate the PUD designation based on the following findings:
  1. The previous development that was approved with the PUD has been demolished, the site is part of a larger redevlopment project, and therefore the previous PUD zoning is no longer appropriate.
  2. The proposed rezoning is compatible with the adjacent land uses and zoning.
  3. The proposed zone change would not have an adverse impact on the area.

Location Map
Zoning Map
Proposed Ordinance 2220

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