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Tuesday, May 7, 2019
7:00 p.m.
Coon Rapids City Center
Council Chambers
Call to Order
Pledge of Allegiance
Roll Call
Adopt Agenda
1.   Anoka County Library Presentation  
2.   Poppy Day Proclamation for American Legion Post 334 & Auxiliary  
3.   Poppy Day Proclamation for VFW Post 9625 & Auxiliary  
4.   National Public Works Week Proclamation  
Approval of Minutes of Previous Meeting 
5.   Approve Minutes of April 16, 2019  
6.   Approve Minutes of Local Board of Appeal & Equalization Meeting April 23, 2019  
Consent Agenda
7.   Adopt Resolution 19-46 Approving Sustainability Commission Appointment  
8.   Adopt Resolution 19-47 Approving Historical Commission Appointment  
9.   Accept Easements from Linn Investment Properties, LLC  
10.   Approve Amendments to the Sand Creek Park Concession Stand Agreement  
Public Hearing
Bid Openings and Contract Awards
11.   Consider Resolution No. 19-11(9) Awarding Contract for Miscellaneous Trail Reconstruction  
Old Business
New Business
12.   Consider Resolutions 19-1(9) and 19-1(12) Awarding Contract and Adopting Assessments for Street Reconstruction Project 19-1  
13.   Consider Resolution 19-2(12) Adopting Assessments for MSA Street Reconstruction Project 19-2  
14.   Consider Resolutions 19-3(9) and 19-3(12) Awarding Contract and Adopting Assessments for Street Reconstruction Project 19-3  
15.   Consider Resolution 19-4(12) Adopting Assessments for Street Reconstruction Project 19-4  
16.   PC 19-8, Consider Approval of Preliminary Plat and Resolution 19-48 Granting Final Plat Riverdale Corners 3rd Add., 3021 124th Ave., Metro Storage  
17.   Consider Adoption of Fair Housing Policy  
18.   Consider Resolution 19-49 Amending Facility Construction Fund Budget  
19.   Consider Resolution 19-50 Authorizing Acceptance of Livable Communities Grant and Agreement with Met Council  
Open Mic/Public Comment
Reports on Previous Open Mic
Other Business

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