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City Council Regular
Meeting Date: 05/07/2019  
Subject:    Consider Resolutions 19-1(9) and 19-1(12) Awarding Contract and Adopting Assessments for Street Reconstruction Project 19-1
Submitted For: Mark Hansen From: Sarah Greene, Administrative Assistant II


The City is proposing to improve four miles of residential streets by reconstruction as part of project 19-1. Staff completed the plans, advertised the project on March 29 and April 5, and received bids on April 19, 2019. Council is asked to award a contract and adopt the assessments at this time.


Streets within the project area, illustrated on the attached Project Location Map, are proposed to be rehabilitated via reconstruction methods. Proposed improvements include the reclamation of the existing bituminous surface and aggregate base, removal and replacement of damaged curb and gutter, sidewalk and pedestrian curb ramp improvements in accordance with ADA requirements, watermain pipe valve and hydrant replacements, repairs or replacements to the existing storm sewer and sanitary sewer as needed, and periodic LED fixture upgrades to City-owned street lights. New 6-foot-wide concrete sidewalks are proposed on the north side of 131st Avenue between Crooked Lake Boulevard and Coon Creek Boulevard, as well as on the north side of 127th Avenue between Hanson Boulevard and Prairie Oaks Park.

The following streets are proposed for reconstruction:

  1. 132nd Ln from Crooked Lake Blvd to Bittersweet St, and Yukon St to cul-de-sac
  2. 132nd Ave from Yukon St to Coon Creek Blvd
  3. 131st Ln from Crocus St to Bittersweet St
  4. Crocus St from 132nd Ln to 131st Ln
  5. Bittersweet St from 132nd Ln to 131st Ave
  6. Zion St from 132nd Ln to 131st Ave
  7. Yukon St from 132nd Ln to 131st Ave, and 131st Ave to Coon Creek Blvd
  8. Xavis St from 131st Ave to cul-de-sac
  9. 131st Ave from Crooked Lake Blvd to Coon Creek Blvd
  10. Arrowhead St from 131st Ave to cul-de-sac
  11. 130th Cir from Yukon St to cul-de-sac
  12. 130th Ln from Yukon St to cul-de-sac
  13. 129th Ln from Yukon St to cul-de-sac
  14. 127th Ave from Hanson Blvd to Crane St
  15. Crane St from 127th Ave to Main St
  16. Partridge St from cul-de-sac (south of Main St) to 121st Ln
  17. 124th Ave from Raven St to Partridge St
  18. 123rd Ln from Thrush St to Quinn St, and Partridge St to Shenandoah Blvd
  19. Raven St from 124th Ave to 123rd Ln

Open house meetings were held during evening hours on November 27, 2018 and January 29, 2019 to provide information about the project and discuss comments and concerns from area property owners. Council accepted the feasibility report on December 18, 2018, and ordered the improvement and advertisement for bids on February 19, 2019. Public and assessment hearings were also held on February 19, 2019. No written objections were submitted.

Properties proposed to be assessed include 319 single family residential properties, three residential twin home/duplex properties, one residential apartment property, four City-owned properties (parks), 198 townhome/condominium properties, one commercial property, and one church property. The reconstruction assessment rates approved by City Council on December 18, 2018 are $2,070 for single family residential property, $26 per front foot for multi-family residential property, $52 per front foot for commercial property, and $67 per front foot for industrial property.

Three bids were recieved on April 19, 2019, and are summarized as follows:

North Valley, Inc. $3,544,537.27
Park Construction Co. $3,731,969.27
Northwest Asphalt, Inc. $3,795,535.01

The engineer's estimate for the project was $3,287,561.50. The low bidder, North Valley, Inc., has completed similar contracts of this nature in the City with satisfactory results. If Council awards a contract, work can begin mid-May, and be completed by mid October 2019.

A neighborhood meeting to introduce City and Contractor project staff will be held in Crooked Lake Park on May 14, 2019. Additional information, including frequently asked questions, construction schedule, and a list of City and Contractor contacts will be provided to property owners via US mail within the next few weeks. Construction updates will be posted on the City website weekly, and property owners can choose to sign up for email alerts notifying them when updates are available.



It is recommended Council take the following actions:

a. Adopt Resolution No. 19-1(9) awarding a contract to North Valley, Inc. in the amount of $3,544,537.27

b. Adopt Resolution No. 19-1(12) adopting the assessments for project 19-1

The construction cost for this project based on the low bid is $3,544,537.27. Adding 20% to the construction costs for contingency, engineering, administration, and testing services brings the total to $4,253,444.72. A total of $795,316.00 is proposed to be assessed to benefiting properties.

The balance of the project cost would be recovered from various funds as follows:
$2,308,354.37 from the Street Reconstruction Fund (797)
$245,495.64 from the Storm Water Utility Fund (640) recovered through storm drainage charges
$765,152.87 from the Water System Maintenance Fund (601) recovered through charges for water used
$139,125.84 from the Sanitary Sewer Maintenance Fund (620) recovered through sanitary sewer maintenance charges
Project Location Map
Resolution No. 19-1(9)
Resolution No. 19-1(12)

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