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City Council Regular
Meeting Date: 05/07/2019  
Subject:    Consider Resolution No. 19-11(9) Awarding Contract for Miscellaneous Trail Reconstruction
Submitted For: Mark Hansen From: Sarah Greene, Administrative Assistant II

At its regular meeting held February 19, 2019, Council approved plans and specifications, and authorized the advertisement of bids for 2019 miscellaneous trail rehabilitation and improvements located in Wedgewood, Trackside, and Nelson Parks. Bids were received April 12, 2019 and Council is requested to award a contract at this time.
The proposed improvements, shown on the attached graphics, are comprised of the following:
  • Nelson Park - Trail reconstruction, basketball court replacement, pedestrian curb ramp installation
  • Trackside Park - Trail reconstruction, basketball court replacement, pedestrian curb ramp installations
  • Wedgewood Trail - Trail reconstruction, culvert replacement, pedestrian curb ramp installations

The advertisement for bids was published on March 22 and 29, 2019, and bids were received April 12, 2019. A summary of bids is as follows:


Northwest Asphalt $240,579.25
Asphalt Surface Technologies Corp. $262,723.50
Blackstone Contractors LLC $293,175.00
Valley Paving, Inc. $318,766.50
Sunram Construction, Inc. $382,409.00
Barber Construction, Inc. $382,715.00

The Engineer's Estimate for the project was $282,115.00. The low bidder, Northwest Asphalt, Inc., has successfully completed numerous projects throughout the City. Pending award of contract, the work will be scheduled to take place between June and August of 2019.
It is recommended the City Council adopt Resolution 19-11(9) awarding a contract to Northwest Asphalt, Inc. in the amount of $240,579.25 for miscellaneous trail reconstruction.

The construction cost for this project based on the low bid is $240,579.25. Adding 20% for construction administration and inspection brings the total estimate to $288,695.10. Funding will be split between the Park Improvement Fund ($68,033.70 for Nelson and Trackside Parks) and the Park Referendum ($220,661.40 for Wedgewood Trail).
Nelson Park
Trackside Park
Wedgewood Trail
Resolution No. 19-11(9)

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