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City Council Regular
Meeting Date: 05/07/2019  
Subject:    PC 19-8, Consider Approval of Preliminary Plat and Resolution 19-48 Granting Final Plat Riverdale Corners 3rd Add., 3021 124th Ave., Metro Storage
From: Scott Harlicker, Planner

Metro Storage, the applicant, is requesting preliminary and final plat approval to plat five parcels, totaling 6.38 acres, into two lots.

The applicant is proposing to construct a self storage facility on a portion of the site. To accommodate the facility they are proposing to subdivide the property into two buildable lots. Lot 1 is the site of the self storage facility and Lot 2 is for future development. The site is currently comprised of one 4.94 acre lot and three outlots and vacated street right-of-way totaling 1.44 acres; the total area is 6.38 acres.

Lot 1, on which the the proposed storage facility will be located, is 2.73 acres and meets the dimensional requirements of the General Commercial district. Lot 2  is 3.65 acres and also meets the dimensional requirements of the General Commercial district.

Park Dedication

Park dedication has not been paid on the property. Park dedication in the amount of $5,000 per acre is due prior to releasing the plat for recording. If the applicant desires to begin construction of the self storage facility prior to the final plat being recorded, park dedication for all of the existing lot, Lot 2, Block 1, Riverdale Corners 2nd Addition, should be paid prior to the issuance of the building permit. 

Planning Commission

At the Planning Commission meeting held on April 18th no one spoke at the public hearing. The preliminary plat at the time consisted of two lots and two outlots. Staff recommended that the outlots be combined with Lot 2. Often times outlots become a maintenance issue and go tax forfeit. The applicant wanted to keep them as outlots and address the maintenance issue with a maintenance agreement. The Commission voted 5-1 to recommend approval of the preliminary plat with the condition that the two outlots be combined with Lot 2.

Since the Planning Commission meeting, the applicant has revised the plat and eliminated the outlots. The revised plat has them combined with Lot 2. For that reason, the condition that required the combination of the outlots with Lot 2 has been removed from the resolution of final plat approval. They are labeled 2A and 2B on the final plat because part of the parcel is a "Torrens" property and part is "Abstract" property. The portion of the property that has gone through a Torrens procedure, which is a legal procedure that establishes the legal description of a lot, can not be combined with property that has a typical abstract legal description. For zoning purposes they are treated as one lot. 
In Planning Case 19-10, the Council approve the preliminary plat and approve Resolution 19-48 granting final plat approval for Riverdale Corners 3rd Addition with the following conditions:
  1. Compliance with Title 11, City Code of Coon Rapids
  2. Park dedication in the amount of $5,000 per acre is due prior to releasing the plat for recording.
  3. All comments of the City Engineer must be addressed.
  4. All comments of Anoka County and MNDOT must be addressed.

Location Map
Final Plat
Resolution 19-48

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