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City Council Regular
Meeting Date: 05/07/2019  
Subject:    Approve Amendments to the Sand Creek Park Concession Stand Agreement
Submitted For: Ryan Gunderson From: Ryan Gunderson, Recreation Coordinator

The City of Coon Rapids and the Coon Rapids North Star Lion's Club entered into an agreement for operation of the concession stand at Sand Creek when the park reopened in 2017.  Per the agreement City staff shall meet annually with the Lion's to review and plan for the next season.  During the last review process a couple changes were proposed to the agreement.
The following proposed amendments have been made and agreed to between City staff and the Lion's Club to reflect better operations.

Section 4 is updated to clarify and provide flexibility to the Lion's Club when they are expected to have the concession stand open.  It has been found that when only adult softball is scheduled concessions traffic is slow.  The new verbiage will allow the Lion's to close on weeknights where there are no youth games scheduled.  The wording also reflects April 1st as a more realistic time for facility schedules to be made available for concessions planning.
“The City will provide schedules of events each year starting on April 1st. The Contractor will offer concessions on weeknights where youth games are scheduled, weekend tournaments, and special events. If an additional event is scheduled after April 1st, the City will provide the Contractor an updated event schedule.”

Section 6 is updated to include item D for when the host of an event does not provide volunteers to work in the concession stand.  Some tournaments are large and put strain on the Lion's volunteer pool.  This change allows the Lion's to pay a third party volunteer group 10% to assist when volunteers are not provided by the host.  Going forward a host that provides volunteers will be provided funds under C and D and only C if volunteers are not provided.
"C. 15% to the organization hosting the event for which the concession stand is operating. In the event the City is the host organization then such funds shall be deposited into Sand Creek park improvement fund.

D. 10% to organization assisting with concessions operations. This may or may not be the organization hosting the event."
Staff asks that Council approve the changes to the Sand Creek Concessions Stand agreement between the City of Coon Rapids and the Coon Rapids North Star Lion's Club.

Concession Agreement

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