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City Council Regular
Meeting Date: 05/21/2019  
Subject:    Consider Introduction of Ordinances for Code Revisions Related to Multi-Unit Recycling Collection
Submitted For: Colleen Sinclair From: Colleen Sinclair, Recycling Coordinator

The City Council is asked to consider introducing ordinances amending City Codes 8-214(7), 8-215(2),12-914(5) related to multi-unit recycling collection.
As discussed at the December 11, 2018 and March 26, 2019 City Council work sessions, there is an inconsistency between Chapters 8 and 12 of City Code related to the frequency of recycling collection at multi-unit properties. Chapter 8 provides that multi-housing units must have garbage/recycling picked up twice per week, but provides an exception that recycling may be picked up every other week. Chapter 12 provides that multi-unit housing with four or more units must have weekly recycling. City staff would like to resolve this issue and update the appropriate sections of Code to eliminate this inconsistency. The ordinances included for introduction clear up the inconsistency and clarify the City's requirements on multi-unit recycling by establiching a minimum recycling standard.

In general terms, the minimum standard recycling proposal includes:
  • Recycling should be present at each trash collection station;
  • Containers must be labeled clearly to differentiate trash and recycling from the viewpoint of the resident (City can provide stickers if waste haulers/property owners choose to use them);
  • Recycling quantity standard set at 10 gallons/unit per week. This weekly standard provides flexibility for the property owner to "right size" their collection frequency to meet their facilities needs;
  • Property owner responsible to provide educational materials related to solid waste/recycling according to the following guidelines:
    • Each resident annually;
    • New residents within 30 days of occupancy;
    • Each resident within 30 days of a change in solid waste/recycling service offered; and
    • Materials can be electronic or in print.
This proposed minimum standard would currently be satisfied by 47 of 58 multifamily properties without any changes to their existing service.  Further, city staff would continue to function as a resource and offer assistance and training through annual facility audits and educational materials (stickers and signage as requested).

As discussed over the past two years, education is the key to success of a recycling program. In addition to the items proposed above, city staff will begin discussions with the waste haulers on education and signage requirements that could be incorporated into future licensing requirements.  Having all parties involved (property owners, City, and haulers) reinforces the educational focus, while still promoting and providing opportunities for flexibility and coordination.

The proposed ordinances and the proposed Multi-Unit Minimum Standard Solid Waste/Recycling Policy are attached for review.  Assuming the ordinances are introduced by Council, city staff plan to have the ordinances and the Multi-Unit Minimum Standard Solid Waste/Recycling Policy on the Agenda for adoption at the June 4, 2019 City Council meeting.
Introduce ordinances amending City Codes 8-214(7), 8-215(2),12-914(5) related to multi-unit recycling collection.

Recycling 12-914
Collection 8-214
Collection 8-215
Multi Unit Recycling Policy

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