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City Council Regular
Meeting Date: 05/21/2019  
Subject:    Adopt Resolution 19-52 Setting Hearing for Misc. Assessments 2019 (1)
Submitted For: Rich Gruber From: Heidi Cederstrand, Assessment Clerk II

A date for a public hearing should be set to consider miscellaneous assessments to be certified to the County for collection with the 2020 property taxes.
The City Council must set a public hearing as required by State Statutes.  At that hearing, the City Council may refer appellants to the Board of Adjustment and Appeals.  The Board of Adjustment and Appeals will then give their recommendation.
The Board of Adjustment and Appeals is expected to conduct this hearing on July 11 and make a recommendation to the City Council at the August 7 Council meeting.  Staff will incorporate the process in the required mailing to the property owner.
These assessments include services provided to taxpayers, in most cases code enforcement violations.  The terms of repayment are determined by the amount being assessed.  The proposed assessments are categorized by the number of years to be assessed and the interest rate recommended. 
Staff recommends adoption of Resolution 19-52 Miscellaneous Assessment declaring the cost to be assessed, ordering preparation of the proposed assessment roll and ordering the public hearing for June 4, 2019 on the proposed assessment roll.

Res. Set Hearing Misc. 2019(1)

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