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City Council Regular
Meeting Date: 06/04/2019  
Subject:    Consider Award of Contract for Coon Rapids Boulevard Improvements; City Project 18-13
Submitted For: Mark Hansen From: Sarah Greene, Administrative Assistant II

In conjunction with the City's proposed Port Riverwalk housing redevelopment project, the City and Anoka County have planned improvements to Coon Rapids Boulevard from Egret Blvd to the junction of East River Road and Coon Rapids Boulevard. Staff and the City's consultant, Kimley Horn & Associates, completed the plans, advertised the project on May 3 and May 10, and received bids on May 24, 2019. At this time, Council is asked to consider award of the project.
The proposed project includes the reconditioning of Coon Rapids Boulevard from Egret Boulevard to the East River Road split, and the reconstruction of traffic signal systems at Egret Boulevard and Avocet Street. A Joint Powers Agreement with Anoka County detailing the terms of cost sharing, right-of-way, construction activities, project oversight, and current and future maintenance of the infrastructure was approved on April 16, 2019.

This improvement project is being proposed in conjunction with the Port Riverwalk redevelopment to improve turning movements, site access, emergency response, and pedestrian safety. General improvements are shown on the attached layout and include: traffic signal reconstruction and associated geometric/lane reconfiguration at CSAH 1 and Avocet Street NW, major traffic signal system revisions at CSAH 1 and Egret Blvd NW, the addition of right-turn lanes on Egret Boulevard and on CSAH 1, shoulders, concrete curb and gutter, storm sewer with associated ponding, bituminous pavement rehabilitation, concrete sidewalks, bituminous trail, landscaping/streetscaping, and street lighting.

The bituminous trail on the south side of Coon Rapids Boulevard will be reconstructed as part of this project. New concrete sidewalks along the north and east sides of Coon Rapids Boulevard are also planned. Additional improvements include decorative street lighting and landscaping. Proposed project improvements are TIF eligible, and are planned for completion in conjunction with the Port Riverwalk redevelopment project without affecting the City's general fund.

One bid was received on May 24, 2019, from Forest Lake Contracting, Inc. in the amount of $5,987,068.69.

The engineer's estimate for the project was $4,477,286.85. The low bidder, Forest Lake Contracting, has completed similar work in the City with satisfactory results. The bid is approximately 34% higher than the estimated cost, which is indicative of the current bidding environment, as experienced on recent similar projects. Based upon conversations with internal and Anoka County staff, it is recommended to not award the project at this time.  This project will be reevaluated and rebid at a later date.
Staff recommends that the City Council reject all bids and not award a contract for project 18-13 at this time.

The low bid received for this project was $5,987,068.69.

If awarded, Anoka County's portion of the construction cost would be $3,604,395.94 and the City's portion would be $2,382,672.75, which would be covered by eligible pooled tax increment financing (TIF) from several older districts.
18-13 Project Layout

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