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Planning Commission Regular
Meeting Date: 06/20/2019  
Subject:    PC 19-11, Site Plan Approval for a commercial building, 3200 Main Street, Red Mill Properties
From: Scott Harlicker, Planner

The applicant, Red Mill Properties, is requesting site plan approval for a 6,100 square foot multi-tenant commercial building. The building is proposed to be located on the northeast corner of the site of what is currently the Wells Fargo office site. In a corresponding application, the applicant is also requesting preliminary plat approval to subdivide the property into two lots, one for Wells Fargo and one for the proposed commercial building.
Conduct a public hearing
Decision by Planning Commission
Appeal to City Council Available
The applicant submitted this application on:  May 14

To comply with the requirements of Minnesota Statute §15.99, the City must approve or deny the application by: July 13
The property is located at 3200 Main Street.
  Existing Use Comprehensive Plan Zoning
Office Building General Commercial General Commercial
North Main Street/Retail Regional Shopping Regional Shopping
South Fast food/Retail General Commercial General Commercial
East Retail General Commercial General Commercial
West Retail General Commercial General Commercial
The applicant is proposing to construct a multi-tenant commercial building on an under utilized portion of the Wells Fargo parking lot. The proposed building is 6,152 square feet. At this point the proposed uses include a coffee shop and retail space. The coffee shop includes a drive-thru. The applicant is proposing an outdoor patio in front of the proposed coffee shop/food retailer.

Site Plan Criteria
Required Finding - Chapter 11-325 - General Requirements for All Site Plans Staff Analysis and Comments
(1) Be compatible with surrounding land uses OK - The proposed site plan is compatible with the adjacent land uses.
(2) Preserve existing natural features  whenever possible OK – The existing landscaping will be preserved where possible.
(3) Achieve a safe and efficient circulation system See discussion below.
(4) Not place excessive traffic loads on local streets See discussion below.
(5) Conform to the City’s plans for parks, streets, service drives, and walkways N/A - There are no sidewalks proposed along adjacent streets.
(6) Conform to the City’s Goals and Policies OK - The proposal is consistent with the Comprehensive Plan.
(7) Achieve a maximum of safety, convenience, and amenities OK - A sidewalk connects the new building, as well as the office building, with the sidewalk along Northdale Boulevard. A sidewalk should also installed to connect the building with the Main Street sidewalk. Bike racks should be provided.
(8) Show sufficient landscaping OK –  See discussion.
(9) Not create detrimental disturbances to surrounding properties OK – The project will not create disturbances which will be detrimental to the surrounding properties.
(11) Meet Title 11 OK-  No variances are needed. The site plan complies with setback and parking requirements.
(12) Show efforts to conserve energy whenever practical OK 

Parking, Traffic and Circulation

Traffic and Circulation
A traffic study is currently underway to assess traffic access and circulation into the site. The applicant is proposing to relocate the existing access from Northdale Boulevard about 100 feet south, further away from Main Street. The proposed relocation of the Northdale Boulevard access should improve circulation around the Northdale Boulevard/Main Street intersection. The Northdale access will provide access to both the new building and the existing office building.

Traffic to the Wells Fargo Bank and it's drive-thru will flow straight into the site from Northdale Boulevard and around the office building, much like it does now. Traffic to the new commercial building will turn right, shortly after entering the site from Northdale Boulevard, into the parking lot in front of the building. Traffic to the drive-thru will follow the same pattern but circulate around the building to the pick-up window on the south side of the building. There is sufficient stacking for the drive-through to comply with city code. A second exit from the commercial building parking lot is provided on the north side of the building.

The site plan complies with the required parking. The proposed building requires 41 spaces and the office building building requires 145 spaces. The plan provides 48 spaces for the commercial building and 138 for the existing office building for a total of 186 spaces. A shared access and parking agreement should be provided.

Grading, Drainage and Utilities

The grading, drainage and utility plans have been reviewed by the Engineering Department. Their comments are attached.

Building Design

The building is mix of EIFS, stone and brick with store front windows. The proposed mix of materials complies with the maximum 35% requirement for any one material. The materials use on the building is consistent on all sides.

East Elevation
The east elevation faces Northdale Boulevard and is the front of the building, it includes glass storefront, green/gray EFIS and a brick base with stone columns. There are canvass awnings over the windows.

North Elevation
The north elevation faces Main Street. It matches the west elevation in materials with glass windows, green/gray EFIS, brick base and stone columns. Canvass awnings are over the windows.

West Elevation
The west elevation is the rear of the building facing the parking lot. The elevation includes a dark green EFIS in place of windows. The top portion of the wall is green/gray EFIS with brick base and stone/brick columns.

South Elevation
The south elevation includes the drive-thru. There are three windows on this side with canvass awnings. The material are a similar mix as the other sides.

The roof includes two different levels which provides breaks in the roofline.

Dumpster Enclosure
The dumpster will be located on the south side of the building, near the drive-thru. The enclosure is brick to match the building. Landscaping is proposed to screen the enclosure. The enclosure is sized to accommodate three dumpsters and will service both tenants.

The code requires that 25% of each lot be landscaped; 28.5% of lot 1 is landscaped and 26.1% of lot 2 is landscaped. The landscaping along Main Street includes four new street trees to go along with the seven existing trees; a hedge has also been added. Seven new trees have been added along Northdale Boulevard to go along with the three existing trees. A hedge will also be planted along Northdale Boulevard. The parking lot islands and peninsulas will be landscaped. Foundation plantings will be installed around both buildings. They are bringing the landscaping on both sites up to current code.

The signage shown on the building elevations is not approved at this time. All wall signage is subject to separate permits. The applicant is proposing to replace the existing pylon sign at  the northeast corner of the site with a new monument sign. The sign is subject to a separate sign permit and must comply with dimensional and setback requirements. There is also an existing pylon sign on Main Street the will remain. 

In Planning Case 19-11, the Commission move to approve the proposed site plan with the following conditions:
  1. The applicant enter into a site security agreement.
  2. All engineering comments be addressed.
  3. All comments from Anoka County Highway Department be addressed.
  4. The applicant address any issues identified in the traffic study.
  5. The applicant comply with City Code Title 11.
  6. A bike rack be provided.
  7. The final plat be recorded prior to the issuance of the building permit.
  8. All signage is subject to separate sign permits.
  9. A shared parking and access agreement between lot 1 and lot 2 must be approved by the city and executed prior to the issuance of a building permit.
  10. A sidewalk must be installed to connect the building with the sidewalk on Main Street.

Location Map
Development Plans
Building Elevations
Applicant's Narrative
Engineering Comments

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