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City Council Work Session
Meeting Date: 06/18/2019  
Subject:    PC 19-5 Proposed Revision to Site Plan for Port Evergreen Apartments
From: Scott Harlicker, Planner

Following the June 4th meeting,  Real Estate Equities considered a couple of options to address the issues of density and parking. Those options included a reduction in units and re-working the site plan to add parking. They also considered the option to acquire adjacent land that could be used for additional parking if needed in the future. 
At the June 4th meeting, the applicant presented plans that had reduced number of units from 184 to 168, thereby reducing the density from 41.7 to 38.1. The number of parking stalls had been increased from 270 to 285, thereby increasing the parking ratio from 1.46 to 1.7. The Council tabled the proposed site plan and preliminary/final plat to the June 18th meeting.

Following the June 4th meeting, the applicant discussed with staff options on how to address the Council’s and resident’s concerns regarding density and parking. During this time the neighboring property owner approached the developer about purchasing his property. To further address the issues of parking and density, the applicant is exploring the possibility of purchasing the adjacent property (201 94th Avenue) and combining it with the project site. This additional land would allow for future parking (66 spaces) if needed and would reduce the overall density of the project. The additional land would reduce the density to 32.94 units per acre and the additional stalls would improve the parking ratio to 2.09 spaces per unit. The additional parking would be shown as proof of parking and would be installed at such time the city deems it necessary. 

Following the acquisition of the property, the residence would be removed and the site would remain as open space until the city determines the need for additional parking.  If the Council finds this option acceptable, staff is offering the following additional conditions for the Council to consider:

  • The developer must complete acquisition of 201 94th Avenue prior to issuance of any building permits by the City for the project.
  • The land at 201 94th Avenue will be considered as proof of parking for the property referenced in PC 19-5.  
  • Prior to constructing the additional parking, the developer shall prepare a site plan and submit an application according to City Code.
  • The City reserves the right to issue a notice to the developer to construct the additional parking, at such time the City deems it necessary.
No other changes are proposed to the current plan. The unit count and parking to built (initially) is the same as the plan considered by Council on June 4th and what the Planning Commission considered in May.  Staff believes that this approach addresses the primary concerns raised at the last meeting; outlines a process and creates a mechanism for constructing the additional parking if it's needed; adds some additional buffering to the adjacent homes in the meantime; and allows for a reasonable use of the property.  The risk is ultimately on the developer to assemble the additional land in order to proceed with the development.
Staff is requesting Council feedback on the proposed option to purchase additional property and the associated conditions.

Revised Site Plan with proof of parking

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