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City Council Regular
Meeting Date: 09/03/2019  
Subject:    Consider Resolutions Ordering Preparation of Feasibility Report and Plans for Project 20-2, MSA Street Reconstruction
Submitted For: Mark Hansen From: Sarah Greene, Administrative Assistant II

Project 20-2 consists of the reconstruction of approximately 2.1 miles of Municipal State Aid (MSA) streets and 0.2 miles of local streets (see attached map) and includes:
  1. Riverdale Dr from west City limit to Northdale Blvd
  2. Northdale Blvd from Riverdale Dr to Round Lake Blvd
  3. Crooked Lake Blvd from Gladiola St to appx 500’ north of Northdale Blvd
  4. Crooked Lake Blvd Service Rd from 121st Ave to 119th Ave
  5. 113th Ave from Coon Rapids Blvd to Crooked Lake Blvd
In 1994, the City began a street reconstruction program to replace its aging street infrastructure. Since then, more than 142 miles of the City's 220 mile system have been reconstructed. This project would continue the program for 2020. Streets within the project area vary from 29 to 48 years old. Reconstruction methods will include full depth reclamation of the existing street pavement and aggregate base, and overlaying with new bituminous pavement. In addition, the replacement of damaged curb sections, sidewalks, and driveway aprons will be performed as needed. The project will also address safety concerns by completing sidewalk gaps along Riverdale Dr and Northdale Blvd west of Round Lake Blvd, 113th Ave west of Crooked Lake Blvd, and along Crooked Lake Blvd near Morris Bye Elementary School. The project feasibility report will address watermain, sanitary sewer, and storm sewer repairs based upon field investigations completed by the City's utility division.

City policy requires an assessment to be levied on properties that benefit from the proposed street improvements. Properties to be assessed are those with direct access to the street(s) being reconstructed. The goal of the policy is to assess up to 50% of the street improvement costs, but actual project costs and the number of assessable properties will cause the assessable share to vary. For 2020, the assessment rates will be adjusted in accordance with the annual construction cost index as determined by Engineering News Record.

Estimated project costs and proposed assessment amounts will be presented to Council in the form of a feasibility report, prepared in accordance with Minnesota State Statue, Chapter 429.

Affected property owners will receive a mailed notification of the pending project in several weeks. An informational meeting will be held during in the fall to inform property owners of the project scope, respond to concerns, and answer questions. A second meeting will be scheduled in January 2020 after staff has collected data and initiated the design process.
Staff recommends adoption of the following resolutions necessary for Project 20-2 as part of the 2020 Street Reconstruction Program:

a. Adopt Resolution No. 20-2(3) Ordering Preparation of Feasibility Report.

b. Adopt Resolution No. 20-2(6) Ordering Preparation of Plans.

The feasibility report will include an estimated project cost, along with impacts to the General Fund and Utility Funds. It will also identify the amount proposed for assessments.
2020 Street Reconstruction Locations
Resolution No. 20-2(3)
Resolution No. 20-2(6)

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